In our role of business consultant we see ourselves as co-designers of your organization as a whole. While our ‘Team Matrix’ training programs provide information, insight, and skill building to individuals within an organization, consulting focuses more on the relationship between the organization as a whole, their leaders and the different teams.

While team dynamics play a key role in a team’s success, equally important is the way in which teams are designed. How elements such as vision, leadership, talent, architecture, processes, results, and team culture are designed actually influence and affect many of a team’s dynamics. By integrating the insights of the Enneagram with an assessment of various team elements, teams can accurately assess their current level of effectiveness and improve their current level of functioning.

The insights of the Enneagram are used in almost every industry. Once companies experience the power of the Enneagram to help their businesses moving forward, they often start using the Enneagram in additional applications to help employees become better performers and work better with clients and coworkers, to take the mystery and stress out of developing excellent leaders, and to create aligned and high-performing teams and organizations.

Together with our client we determine their needs, we collect the relevant data and design a ‘organizational matrix’ based on our observations and what we’ve learned. These needs may vary from creating sustainable organizations, conscious leadership, engaged employees, talent management to high performing teams. We offer a full range of business consulting using insights of the Enneagram as our leading approach.