• Key words: Principled, purposeful, self-controlled & perfectionistic
  • Blind spot: Tendency to be critical towards others
Style 9s are known for bringing stability to an organisation. In an organisation’s life cycle, their style can be of particular benefit after a period of change and disruption. However, if you expect Style 9s to establish an aggressive change agenda, you’ll find that they are more likely to maintain the status quo and avoid rocking the boat.

Rather than make difficult decisions, Style 9s are known to choose more familiar routes and habits. They are comfortable following procedures and keeping their routines. They have a propensity for avoiding decision making, either by needing more information, suggesting a cautious approach, or deciding not to decide. In fact, Style 9s tend to be rather indecisive, afraid to offend, and they self-distract by getting sidetracked with smaller, secondary matters.

They don’t do well in high-stress, highly competitive environments. When feeling pressured, Peacemakers can become stubborn and disappear. Peacemakers are able to bring stability and calm in the storm. They are generally kind, calm, and agreeable. Style 9s are gifted with seeing many viewpoints and can bridge differences. Their team will experience them as supportive, accepting, and non-directive. Style 9s want people to take their own initiative. They are inclusive, consensus-oriented decision makers and seek common ground.