• Key words: Connection, empathy, read emotional currents in others, provide just the thing others need
  • Blind spot: Tendency to be demanding towards others, a sense of entitlement
Helpers are known to be very relational and engaging. These are two of their core strengths. They’re ‘people people’, and they will look first to interpersonal relationships to solve problems and to get things done. They pay close attention to the people aspect and core values of the business. They posses a special radar for the moods and needs of people in their team, and, if they choose, they can deftly, confidently, expertly respond to them. Attention to customer service is their focus, whether internal or external customers.

However, where we are gifted, we are also challenged. Twos can get overly involved in the personal lives of their team and may try to please people in the organisation in order to be liked and receive appreciation. They need to be needed. In the process, they easily lose sight of the business and are challenged in making tough decisions.

They are the omnipresent executive secretary, the ever present mother, the Italian mother, the confidant, the generous and appreciative friend, the power behind the throne. However they appear, they make themselves indispensable to important others as a path to power and influence. They can excel at customised customer service, whomever the “customer” might be.

On the downside, Twos have a hard time asking for and receiving help. They can be seductive and indirect as they manipulate to get their way. However, at their best Twos can be genuinely sensitive, helpful and humble givers, guardian angels who inspire and protect, and mentors who bring out the best in others. A real blind spot for Style 2s is to over inflate their self-importance to the organisation or to people in positions of power and authority.