‘Enneagram Matrix’ approach to Management Consulting

Paul Verhaeghe developed the ‘Enneagram Matrix’, a new and unique approach to HR-Management Consulting. Using insights derived from the Enneagram as our main tool we assist you in achieving your personal, team and company objectives. We offer individual coaching, company training programs and management consulting in the fields of leadership, sales and conflict resolution.

The Enneagram as a modern psychological model with its roots in antiquity can be traced back to ancient Greece. It brings us a profound, elegant and pragmatic approach to a better understanding of ourselves and the people around us. When compared to other approaches such as the Myers-Briggs system, the Enneagram confronts us with our deep seated core fears, motivations and behaviours. It tells us why we do what we do, a solid base to change. When you understand these, you can change and direct your behaviour in order to reach your full potential, and bring it out in others.

The Enneagram allows you to grasp the reality other people are living in, to see where they are coming from, their filters, their points of view, and then speak directly to that. It’s an effective and pragmatic tool to make us feel how we experience our unique reality and how we experience others while remaining oblivious to eight other fundamentally different world views. Each of the nine styles brings its own natural gifts, limitations and blind spots; each has its own distinctive ways of thinking, acting and being. For example, our ‘Enneagram Matrix‘ approach consists of these three consecutive steps.

Following a broad and intense briefing by our client, we start the whole process by painting a clear picture of the existing reality within the organisation, group, team and individuals. While remaining in close contact with you as our client we use the Nine Styles of the Enneagram as our artistic brushes, creating a unique and easy to  recognise painting to see the actual constellation more clearly. In doing so we realise the first step of our Enneagram Matrix.
We learn the individual members of groups, teams or organisations to paint for themselves by experiencing the distinct reality of others. We train people to use more than one brush, to use eight new brushes to paint a new reality. For example, we show people when to use the Style One fine brush or in which situation the Style Eight thick brush is more appropriate.
Finally we all take a few steps back from our mutual painting effort. This process of distancing ourselves makes us see the painting as a whole. While we may still recognise individual brush strokes, the whole picture takes the stage for all to see. In this step the ‘Matrix’ makes us see the interdependence between individual team-members and the group or organisation as a whole, the numerous relationships between an individual team-member and his or her base-team or group. In this step we (re)connect people, teams and groups with their deeper motivations, discovering their  personal and the group matrix, exploring what’s holding them from achieving their stated goals.

With the help of our ‘Enneagram Matrix’ approach we teach you in a pragmatic and understandable way how people see and experience their world, why people do what they do. We learn you to appreciate what you and your  colleagues value and what they do not, how they think, feel and act the way they do. Knowing the Enneagram style of the people in your life gives you the ability to respond to their deeper intent instead of getting caught in their sometimes difficult or confounding superficial behavior. We learn you to appreciate their fundamental strengths, and to know beforehand in what situations they are likely to be rigid or unskillful. You can serve up your words and wisdom in a way that it can be heard, and you can inspire them from the inside out.

Once you know your own Enneagram style you can get out of your own way, making conscious choices instead of acting on automatic. You can draw from each of the nine Styles as you see appropriate. Most importantly, you learn to act with passion, compassion and clear intent.

This insight in others and ourselves makes you so much more effective while working with and in teams.

As Phoenix Counseling we’ve developed three variants of our ‘Matrix Approach’, one for individual executives and managers with our ‘Executive Coaching Program’, one specific approach to groups of people with our ‘Team Matrix Program’ and finally, one overall approach with our ‘Management Consulting Program‘.

Our Values

Providing professional and personal service is anchored in our DNA as an independent consultancy company. We take our cooperation with you, your teams and your company personal. We believe in the power of change through insight and awareness, so we work closely with you, customizing our services and combining our talents to help you and your  company grow and develop its human capital.

We are guided by values such as passion, openness, willingness, excellence, trust, courage, forgiveness and vulnerability.