Paul Verhaeghe

After graduating from law school at the University of Leuven I started my professional career as a Sales Representative in a Swiss insurance company. A few years later I  moved on to the sales & marketing department of two major European FMCG manufacturers. As a Key Account, Marketing and NPD Manager I developed a profitable win-win situation with major F1 & F2 FMCG clients in Belgium, the Netherlands and France. Before starting my career as an independent consultant I’ve worked as an International Key Account manager with a major Belgian DIY supplier, developing sales with all the major DIY chains in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Portugal and Spain.

During this successful career with a strong sales background I’ve always stayed focused on the inner drives and motives of my colleagues and the clients I worked with. Because of my passionate  interest in the human psyche individual sales meetings often transformed into individual coaching sessions.

Pursuing this interest in the core motivations of myself, friends and colleagues, I’ve attended various courses in the field of personal development over the years. In 2004, I completed the six-month long ‘Journey Practitioner’s’ program with Brandon Bays, the American born internationally acclaimed mind-body-healing expert. During this course I was introduced to the Enneagram which turned out to be a life changing moment later on.

Acting upon my passionate interest in the Enneagram in 2007 I went to the US to learn more about the Enneagram from world renowned teachers. I attended an intensive three-part study of the Enneagram with the world renowned teachers and developers Don Riso and Russ Hudson at the Enneagram Institute in Atlanta and Pennsylvania. Later on I met David and Katherine Fauvre in their Enneagram Pro training program in 2010 and 2011 to deepen my understanding of the Enneagram’s core dynamics.

In September 2009 I decided to act upon this life-long passion and founded my own company called ‘Phoenix Counseling’ and realising my dream of working as an independent consultant in the domain of human resources & development. In the meantime I’ve developed the ‘Matrix Approach’ to use in executive coaching, team dynamics training programs and strategic & management consulting for profit and non-profit organisations.

I hold a Postgraduate degree in Business Administration, KU Leuven 1994 and a Postgraduate degree in Mediation, KU Leuven in 2013.

Besides my professional activities I’m actively engaged in the largest diving school in Belgium as a ‘PADI Master Instructor’, the second highest qualification as a recreational diving instructor. I often compare diving to conscious breathing, the core reason why diving is so relaxing, being able to dissipate stress related issues and concerns to the water… I live with Greta, my partner, and my two children in the beautiful city of Antwerp, Belgium.

You may find my detailed resume here.

Paul Verhaeghe
Paul Verhaeghe
Developer of the ‘Enneagram Matrix Approach’