• Key words: Principled, purposeful, self-controlled & perfectionistic
  • Blind spot: Tendency to be critical towards others
Style 8s are take-charge, autocratic, decisive leaders. They can come across as tough, loud, and excessive. Challengers want to see big things happen in their organisation and are willing to take big risks, as well as the heat and responsibility for their decisions.

Style 8s like to move mountains, are drawn to turnaround situations, and will enlist and inspire others to join in the challenge.They tend to be direct and blunt, missing a subtler approach to communication. Challengers demand loyalty from the team and will offer up protection and support in exchange. They are hard-driving, impatient, and impulsive; trust their gut; and deal with the consequences of their decisions later (or not). Others experience Style 8s as steamrollers—domineering, powerful, and intimidating.

Style 8s lose respect for people they see as whiny or weak. Challengers have a hard time working for others and prefer to run their own organisation. They want to call the shots, and they try to avoid putting themselves in positions where others have power over them. Style 8s can be saboteurs if they don’t agree with the direction set by their protector or the board, or if they experience a loss of decision-making control.

Challengers don’t want their authority challenged. They are known for angry outbursts and don’t like surprises, and they want to be kept informed but not bogged down by details.Style 8s are natural-born leaders. They easily step in to take charge, readily express their opinions, and tend to be visionary and carve out a path for others to follow. People who work for Style 8s feel their power and are inspired by their ability to make things happen and stand up to authority. Those who follow the Challengers’ lead feel safe under their protection.