• Key words: Objective, Analytical, Insightful –  see things that others don’t.
  • Blind spot: Lack of action, intellectual arrogance, withholding of emotions
Observers want mastery over their personal domain. Emotionally detached, they seek to observe life from a safe and protected distance while stockpiling facts, theories and information.

Fives tend to lead by remote control. They are more likely to retreat to the comfort of their inner sanctum in order to come up with innovative solutions, and decide and announce rather than engage and involve. Leading with their expertise and inspiring through their innovative ideas and intellect is the Observers’ hallmark.

They camouflage themselves and minimize needs, preferring not to rely on their relationships. Fives conserve their energy and are protective of their time and space. They want to be left alone with their ideas to “figure things out” and are more likely to set themselves up as advisors, gurus, or the go-to person for their expertise. They are apt to tell you what they know rather than who they are.

It’s common for Observers to have a very few trusted intimates and to be quite private. Their style can be a bit cold, impersonal, and intellectually arrogant. While they may feel insecure inside, to others they can appear intimidating, which serves to keep people at a distance.

Fives inspire because of their ability to innovate and to problem-solve, their expertise, their in-depth subject matter knowledge, and their ability to foresee and envision. They are gifted with an ability to stand back and see situations from an objective distance. Many take significant risks in order to bring their ideas to fruition.