• Key words: Authentic, flamboyant, out-of-the-box-thinking, intense
  • Blind spot: Moodiness, withdrawing, self-absorbed
Individualists yearn to the authentic, the beautiful, the true (which is always just out of reach) or the unusual.’ Their leadership style will be uncustomary. Authentic expression is paramount for them, and therefore they are prone to have their own unique way of going about things. Melancholic, romantic and elitist, Individualists will look under the surface for the deeper meaning, and manifest impeccable taste in all things.

Style 4s take a creative approach to their business, want to put their own stamp on their organisation, and have their attention focused on quality and style.

Their team may see them as intense, flamboyant, temperamental, moody and self-absorbed and may experience them as sensitive, personal, and having an out-of-the-box way of leading and working. They have a driving need for self-expression and want to see their ideas come to life. They want work to be personal and meaningful and will avoid what they perceive to be ordinary or mundane work.

Individualists’ self-identity is wrapped up in their work, and when they believe their work is a true expression of how they see themselves, they are hardworking, disciplined, focused, and tenacious. At their best, Fours are doyens of the creative and the beautiful who live the passionate life filled with panache, elegance and good taste.