• Key words: Eager, successful, committed, goal-oriented
  • Blind spot: Wanting to look good in every situation, workaholic
Achievers want to be lauded for getting the job done, they know how to perform and produce, they’re labeled as ‘producers’ for a reason. They keep their eyes on the prize (the bottom line) and seek to be loved for their accomplishments, they’re always ready for action and are competitive and goal focused. Style 3s are driven and seen as self-assured and self-possessed. They have a can-do attitude.

Relationships (work and personal) are secondary to their focus on success and crossing the finish line. Achievers emphasise efficiency and productivity. Just do it! is their motto. They tend to have little patience for the details but can drill down when needed. Cutting corners is a possibility, and they are known to try to win at all costs.

Others may see Threes, concerned as they are with image and approval, as expedient, artificial, superficial and insensitive, and they do run the risk of becoming their “resume” or their long list of accomplishments. As you might imagine, because they are so results oriented, Style 3s have a tough time functioning in highly bureaucratic environments. However, they will fit in and do what is necessary to achieve their goals.

People who work for Style 3 leaders often feel as though their sole purpose is to help the leaders become successful. The reward for success that Achievers seek is to be admired and recognised.

On the high side, Achievers are charismatic leaders, efficient, practical problem solvers, and accomplished team players and motivators. Threes know how the world works and what to do about it. They help others to shine. When they connect with their heart’s desire, Style 3s are unstoppable and can be a formidable force to be reckoned with.